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Steven Burgess

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Director, Consultant & Author

Steven Burgess is a change agent for Cities. He brings 30+ years’ experience as a transport engineer and urban strategist to reform the balance between car space and people space in towns and cities all over the world. His superpower is enabling a diverse range of stakeholders to expand their potentially myopic view of how cities should be and raise their expectations about what cities, towns, villages and neighbourhoods could be. Our lives depend on a serious re-examination of how our urban places of every size and shape are delivering liveability.

Steven is the author of ‘Complete Streets - Guidelines to Urban Street Design’ published in 2010 and was a contributor to two other international street making publications. He is an international keynote speaker on people, places, and liveability having spoken at events all around Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe and the UAE.

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