TEDx Hobart

TEDx Hobart is
set for 12 Feb 2022
C'mon Tassie - Let's Talk!

We are excited to bring you an incredible line up of legends from nipaluna / Hobart and beyond with ideas worth spreading, ready to conquer the world.

This year's theme isOf Land and Sea

Ideas which can reach the world

Our island home surrounded by water is so critical to our lives: as a source of food, an economic means and a critical resource to live.

The land connects to our identity. Whether it be the suburb we live in, the mountains we climb, the work we do.

With innovation as part of the lifeblood of our society, we’ve learnt to do things differently, and often in a way which reflects our island way of life.

Our theme for this year’s event is aimed at connecting many parts of Hobart and Tasmanian culture, promoting the things we hold dear, and what makes us distinctly Tasmanian.

Sunset view of Hobart with Mount Wellington in the background
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Our Amazing Line Up!

We’ve searched every corner of Tassie for ideas worth sharing. From close to one hundred submissions, here is your TEDxHobart 2022 line up.

  • Todd Babiak

  • Yee Von Teo

    PhD Candidate
  • Ariane Moore

    PhD Candidate
  • Emily Sanzaro


Latest News

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    06 Aug 2021
  • TEDx Hobart Theme Announced
    09 Jun 2021
  • Where do your best ideas come from?
    29 May 2021
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