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Platinum Partner

UTAS InVent (Innovation Ventures) is the research commercialisation arm of the University of Tasmania. Our small, highly specialised team works alongside our island-wide community of researchers, students and alumni, and the broader community of government, industry partners and investors, to bring Tasmanian innovation to the world. Our expertise lies in:

  • facilitating research impact, commercialisation and entrepreneurship
  • skill building via training, coaching and mentoring
  • identifying, protecting and managing intellectual property (IP) assets
  • creating licences, spinouts and startups
  • building the Tasmanian innovation ecosystem by hosting localised events to facilitate connections

Would you like to connect with us? We can be contacted on incubator@utas.edu.au

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you who

Platinum Partner

Every now and then the status quo is disrupted. The familiar laws of cause-effect seem to bend and stretch, change takes hold and spreads like no-one expected. How does this happen? How can we make a real and meaningful difference? To have a positive and disproportionate impact on the people and places around us?

It can happen. Not with a new idea, but with the rediscovery of ancient wisdom. The Greek philosophers call it Telos.

It’s the profound understanding that everyone and everything has a unique identity and intrinsic purpose. We believe to be fully alive and to have the greatest impact, that identity needs to be known and honoured.

Don’t start with ‘why’. Start with ‘who’.

You Who works with individuals, with teams, and with organisations to help them discover their ‘who’. The power and direction this unlocks, makes lasting change and meaningful difference possible. We’ve seen it happen.

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St. Lukes

Platinum Partner

At St Lukes, we're committing to make Tasmanians healthier. We know there's a problem to solve. We also know that no one person, organisation or government can do it on their own. As a Tasmanian not-for-profit organisation, we're going to be part of the solution. We're imagining a healthier Tasmania – one where people are informed, empowered and confident about their health and their choices.

To support our vision of making Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet, we have custom built a place to help every Tasmanian get healthier - the St Lukes Hobart wellness hub. Here, we host a range of sessions, events, and activities for both our members and the community to attend, and work with like-minded Tasmanian organisations to deliver programs right in the centre of Hobart.

Join us, as we work to make Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet.

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Nomad Designs

Platinum Partner

We wander beyond what others say is impossible, bringing you innovative digital strategies and solutions which build resilience, give you a competitive advantage and streamline the way that you operate.

Through a wide range of solutions including Design & Brand, Web & Development, SEO, Performance & Analytics, and Productions to increase your reach, improve the efficiency of your business and differentiate yourself from your competition.

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Audi Centre Hobart

Gold Partner

The future is an attitude for Audi. It's time to enjoy a more progressive driving experience. Innovation, quality, style - you'll find them all at Audi Centre Hobart.

And with a wide range of New and Approved Used Audis available, all you have to do is ask. Our Approved Used Cars come with a generous warranty that guarantees years of motoring, plus the reassurance that only the best people are servicing your Audi.

We choose only the best used cars: come and experience one for yourself with a test drive at Audi Centre Hobart.

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  • Blumers Lawyers Logo

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  • 2PM

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  • Mint Telecom Logo

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  • Uprising Glassware Logo

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  • Mercury Walch

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