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Andrew Davies

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Founder and CEO

Andrew Davies Founder and CEO of Tasmania’s leading drone pilot training, services, sales and R&D business, Taz Drone Solutions (TDS), is a self-confessed super-nerd and dynamic leader and entrepreneur.

Having built TDS from scratch - initially from his parents’ granny flat! – Andrew strives to help other businesses, and the drone industry in general, by changing the way they address unique, and often complex, high-risk problems.

Instead of defaulting to standard, go-to practices, Andrew and his team continuously look for better ways to do things – and to do better things.

Through TDS, Andrew leads his team to adopt and adapt cutting-edge technology to manufacture custom-built, scalable, cost-effective drones and systems for diverse clients and industries, to address industrial, agricultural and environmental challenges.

Passionate, driven and focused on empowering others, Andrew exemplifies the notion that with drive, determination and hard work, you can lead a cohesive team to build a successful business in your own backyard.

Andrew is the Pearcey Foundation’s 2022 Tasmanian Entrepreneur of the Year.

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