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Josh Wood

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Coach and Educator

Coach Josh Wood is a Tasmanian-based fitness expert offering a new perspective on health and physical fitness—training to become strong for life.

Founder of Strong for Life Online Coaching and drawing from his fifteen years of experience as a competitive strength and combat athlete, a wilderness and hiking guide, and a dad, Josh has developed a holistic approach to fitness grounded solidly in the pragmatic and the natural world. His programs, informed by his education in health science, are highly individualized and efficient. At the core of Coach Josh's approach is the understanding that for each person, whether they're a professional alpinist, a mom, or a powerlifter, every minute of life is priceless, and top-tier coaching will help them thrive. To date, he has helped thousands of online and in-person clients around the world become the best version of themselves.

"I train people to become the champions of their own life—to excel at every activity, whether they're backpacking or gardening or hauling groceries up the stairs—I help them become more resilient and adaptable. We train to be great, and when you do that, when you are proud of what you can achieve, you see yourself in a whole new light. Plus, you look good naked."

Coach Josh was born in Oregon and spent his youth exploring the American Midwest. At 18, he embarked on what has become a lifelong journey around the globe, traveling through the UK, Canada, and Asia. Now a family man in Hobart, Tasmania, Josh spends his free time tromping through the mountains and developing new skills such as archery, mace training, and small-scale homesteading.

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