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Angela Hucker

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Founder & CEO

Meet Angela, a dynamic force in the construction industry, and CEO and Founder of EPIC. With over two decades of experience, her journey commenced on her father's turf farm, which then evolved into the family commercial landscaping business. Breaking gender norms, Angela’s first job was managing a chain of locksmith stores, becoming one of Queensland's two females trained in intricate locksmithing systems. Angela's expertise is diverse, with contributions to projects worldwide, from oil and gas to international constructions in Dubai, the Middle East, Singapore, Pakistan, New Zealand, and India. She has worked on projects featured on “Mega-Structures” and her experiences as a FIFO worker inspired her to address challenges faced by women in the industry, leading to the establishment of EPIC.

Beyond construction, Angela is a Probity Advisor for the Tasmanian Government, and serves as a Tribunal Member for the Department of Justice. She is a member of NAWIC National Committees for diversity, inclusion, and advocacy, and volunteers with organizations like White Ribbon Australia and Be Hers.

Driven by a passion for empowerment, Angela's commitment to fostering positive work environments creates a ripple effect, impacting not only the construction industry but also the lives of individuals striving for success.

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