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Eagranie Yuh

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Writer, Marketer, Podcaster

There are many versions of Eagranie Yuh (ee-grah-nee yoo). She's a writer, a marketer, a podcaster. She's a mum, a wife, a daughter. She's a runner, a music geek, a word nerd. But she's also been: a piano teacher, a chemist, an event planner, a pastry chef, a chocolate expert, a journalist, a book author and a magazine editor.

She used to hold onto these identities like precious pearls, afraid to let go of them. But when she moved from Canada to Tassie with her family, she was forced to reckon with four decades of memory—and in saying goodbye to the old Eagranie, made space for now Eagranie (and future Eagranie, who's shaping up to be quite the character).

When not telling stories on stage, Eagranie helps B2B marketers develop long-form stories that customers actually want to engage with, especially white papers and podcasts. She posts regularly on LinkedIn and writes Stories We Tell, a monthly newsletter about creative process. Learn more at eagranie.com.

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