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Black and white photo of the lookout over Hobart from the top of Mount Wellington, TAS

09 Jun 2021TEDx Hobart Theme Announced

Our theme for TEDxHobart is Of Land and Sea.

We believe this represents so many important things which connect us as a Hobart / nipaluna community.

Our island home surrounded by water is so critical to our lives: as a source of food, an economic means and a critical resource to live.

The land connects to our identity. Whether it be the suburb we live in, the mountains we climb, the work we do.

We have so many people reaching out with their ideas and we can’t wait to keep seeing those come through. Although formal submissions have not opened yet, if you have an idea worth spreading which relates to the theme or you believe it could relate to the theme, let us know by emailing us at hello@tedxhobart.com.au

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