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Nadia Azizabadi

Swimming and Diving Instructor

Nadia is an accredited Austswim instructor, a player on both the National Tasmanian Women’s Underwater Rugby and Hockey teams, scuba dive instructor and scientific diver. She wants to help new migrants become the hero of their yesterday by assisting them to learn water sports through her From Zero to Hero program. She strongly believes that it’s not about having more migrants, but about having happy and healthy migrants, both physically and mentally. In her opinion, water sport plays an important role in a new migrant’s life and is a relief from daily stresses.

Nadia could barely swim when she first came to Australia. The deep part of the pool was a nightmare for her, but she trained herself every day, faced discrimination and spent too much time and money going on the wrong paths until she discovered the steps toward her goals. She doesn't want others to experience this, and so she has developed a step by step program that applies her learnings and experience as an adult migrant in Tasmania.

Nadia's mission is to make her program available to everyone who has a desire to explore the underwater world, develop their aquatic skills and take advantage of Tasmania's beautiful beaches.

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